Concurso Bala Perduda – La 2 de Apolo

Some of the most interesting emerging bands in the city are already preparing to get on, if not already, on the stage of the Sala Apolo. They have it clear: they want to win the Bala Perduda contest.

And the fact is that Bala Perduda has been running, in fact, since the beginning of February, when the first semifinals of the six that comprise this competition of new talents began. In each one, three bands take the stage, so there are eighteen bands trying to make themselves seen and heard.

Presents and dynamizes each of the semifinals a musician who is responsible for putting a little humor to this battle of bands: Joan Colomo. He presents the groups, which will be selected to pass or not to the final with the vote of the audience attending the session (50 percent) and the vote of a jury composed of professionals from the sector, journalists, artists, and representatives of the Primavera Sound festival and the Apolo Hall.

The winners of the contest will be able to record an album and perform at the Primavera Sound, but each and every one of the bands, due to having performed at the Bala Perduda, will have obtained, at least, visibility and the possibility that the public and professionals of the world of music listen to some themes that have often been born in the underground scenes of the city.

This Tuesday you will listen to the alternative rock of the Supermeganada, a formation led by Víctor Hermida; the project of r & b and electropop Halley, of the producer and musician of Murcia Miguel Peña; or the indie pop of Barcelona’s Pararrayos.

Remember that on March 12 you will have a new semifinal with Telescope, Egosex and Bright Joy and, on March 19, the last one with Teana, Catastrophe Club and Relatiiv.

If you want to attend the next semifinal of Bala Perduda, consult the Sala Apolo website.