Filippo ioco – Studio & Gallery

Filippo ioco is one of the most outstanding and ground-breaking Bodypainting artists of all time. It is his combination of experience, innovation and courage that has kept his work at the top for over two decades. His work has been featured in music videos, commercials, book covers, ad campaigns, printed media and such television shows as Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Ripley’s Believe it or Not to name a few.

For people familiar with the Body painting world he is an icon, and for those new to the industry he is an inspiration as well as a role model. Filippo ioco also an accomplished Fine Artist and Decorative Artist who dedicates a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work worldwide. In 2017 established the Filippo ioco Studio & Gallery, in Barcelona. The Studio & Gallery is located in the heart of the industrial and artistic El Poblenou. In recent years, a series of creative hubs have found their home in this neighbourhood and it has become one of the most genuine and prolific metropolitan sectors of Barcelona City.

You are one of the most important and outstanding Body Painting Artists. How did is start? I mean… how did you decide to become a bodypainter in a time when bodypainting wasn’t as popular as it is nowadays?
I was tired of having art shows where people would come eat & drink everything and leave without remembering what they had just seen.  I wanted to impact people’s minds and touch their souls. My Fine Art has always been based on The Movement of Color and I have always had a fascination with the human body, with that said one day in my NYC apartment while listening to Madonna I came up with a vision of human bodies coming out of my paintings and here we are today.


What does your work aim to say?
The main message of my work is to activate the power of the imagination, show the importance of color and the beauty of the human figure.

Who are your biggest influence?
My inspiration is not so much another person but instead my own imagination, nature, and the rest of the world around me.


Why did you decide to install your gallery in Barcelona?
Barcelona has amazing weather that I favor and is a tourist hot spot. Unlike a restaurant or shopping center, a gallery needs to have the foot traffic in order to truly survive. A friend of mine that owns a gallery once told me that 90% of his sales were from tourists. A local can come in to buy something but when is the next time that they come in again? Whereas tourists come in and out every day of the year.

The art scene in Barcelona has various types of galleries. What will the Filippo ioco Studio & Gallery different?
The Filippo ioco Studio & Gallery is the first Bodypainting Gallery in Spain and in the European Union. The space is a combination of a Bodypainting Gallery, Fine Art Gallery, Photography Gallery & Film Studio, and it can also be used for corporate gatherings and creative workshops. My aim is to make this space and location the creative hub of Barcelona.

A large part of the Barcelona population is looking forward to the opening day. What can we expect in the Ioco Studio & Gallery?
The Grand Opening on Friday February 23, from 19.00 to 22.00, will showcase my bodypainting photography prints, my Fine Art and Published Art Originals. There might also be a live bodypainted model walking around.


How does your work relate to the LGTBI community? To what extent does the LGBTI community inspire you? Do you use your work for LGBTI activism?
Within my body of work, I do have a series titled “PRIDE”. This is a series that I continue to build on. Since I am part of the LGBTI community I wanted to create something that represented me and my community. I do have images that fall under LGBTI Activism such as Father & Child, Mothers to Be, Rights & Marriage images.

You are preparing an event, LGBTI Erotica, which will be a part of the official PRIDE Barcelona 2018. What will the event consist of?
LGBTI Erotica will be a Group Exhibition showcasing and celebrating LGBTI Erotic Art in Painting, Illustration, Photography, Video & Sculpture. The opening will be June 25 from 19.00 to 22.00 pm with a possible exhibition running through to August.